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  When looking at the part-time jobs notices posted near the canteen of Beijing Union University, Kang Jia, 22, avoids being seen by others.

  “Many of the ads are about abortions. It would be very embarrassing if somebody thought I was looking for an abortion,” she said.

  According to the results of a recent survey by China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission, more than 13 million abortions are conducted in China every year. More than 50 percent are for females under the age of 25.

  “The majority of those who get abortions are college students,” said the commission’s report.

  An increasing number of young Chinese people are adopting a more casual attitude toward sexual relationships. But the absence of sex education on campus can lead to various problems among college students. Experts say it is vital to inform students about sex, not only for the sake of their personal health but also for the sake of the wider society.

  New attitudes

  According to Yang Xiong, a researcher at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, one reason for this trend is that China’s economic development has led to a gradual easing of moral standards in society.

  “Another reason is that young Chinese people can now easily access information relating to sex on the Internet,” said Yang.

  At the same time, the popularity of GPS-based mobile applications has made it very easy for young Chinese to meet up for casual sex, reported The Daily Beast, earlier this year.

  Increasingly permissive attitudes toward sex in China have led to a record number of unwanted pregnancies in the country. Statistics show that increasing numbers of Chinese teenage girls are getting pregnant due to a lack of sex education, reported Shanghai Daily last year.

  “We are usually busiest two to three months after the summer vacation and other festivals such as Valentine’s Day,” Zhang Zhenrong, director of Shanghai’s only hotline for pregnant girls, told the newspaper. “Sometimes we receive almost 1,000 phone calls a day from teenagers.”

  Social impact

  According to Xia Xueluan, a sociologist at Peking University, a lack of sex education reaches beyond health issues, such as STDs and HIV, and causes social problems too.

  “Sex education is supposed to teach students that sex is not entertainment or even a game, but more about responsibility and integrity, both socially and individually,” Xia said. “Wrong attitudes toward relationships cause high divorce rates, which also have a negative impact on society.”

  According to Kang Jia, it has become common for college student couples to live together in a rented apartment.

  “Some student couples live just like a husband and wife, especially juniors and seniors,” said Kang. “But usually those who live together have bad grades in school.”




















  Nowadays many teenagers are early-maturing. They face the surroundings that they haven’t seen before. And they are curious about all the new things, especially some forbidden zones, like sex. So in order to make teens grow healthily, it is necessary to have sex education in schools.

  Having sex knowledge is good for teenagers. Our country has issued the regulation that undergraduates can get married. So some students in universities get involved in cohabitation. Knowing little about that issue, teens may do some regretful things. For example, I saw a piece of news from the China Daily, about two teenagers. They loved each other very much. However, one day the girl found herself pregnant. Being students, they had no courage to tell their parents, so the girl had an abortion in an illegal clinic. Unfortunately, the girl died of excessive loss of blood. It’s a painful lesson. Besides, having a good grasp of this knowledge helps teens avoid diseases, like too much unprotected sexual intercourse may cause Aids. The most important thing is that if students don’t receive proper sex education, they will get it in other ways, such as porn films, porn websites and so on. Some information is harmful to students.

  Sex education is necessary for the youth. And it is an urgent matter needs to be solved right away to make sure they grow healthily.



  了解性知识对青少年是有好处的。我们国家已经颁布法规说大学生是可以结婚的。 所以一些大学生在大学期间同居。对这个这个问题了解不深,青少年可能会做一些让他们后悔的事。例如,我从中国日报上看到了一则关于两个青少年的故事。他们彼此深爱着对方。然而,有一天,女孩发现自己怀孕了。因为是学生,他们没有勇气告诉父母,所以女孩在一家非法诊所做了流产手术。不幸的是,这个女孩死于失血过多。这是一个惨痛的教训。此外,了解这方面的知识可以帮助青少年避免一些疾病,像过多不采取安全措施的性交会导致艾滋病。最重要的是,如果学生没有得到正确的性教育,他们会通过其他途径来了解,如色情影片,色情网站等等。有些信息对学生是有害的。



  My name is mee-mee. i am eighteen years old and the eldest of the family. starting back in preschool years, i have been learning a lot about sex from my parents. they try to answer all questions in a natural manner.

  They initiate discussion as the opportunity arises. they respect my feelings and provide personal guidance. they use correct terms when explaining physiology. they use pictures, books, etc. to supplement verbal explanations. their healthy attitudes towards sex as well as their factual answers about sex help me to grow in many ways: to accept myself and my gender role, to develop a sense of self-confidence, to be able to cope with one's sexual desires and feelings, and to establish a positive and healthy relationship with members of the opposite sex.

  To summarize, sex education is an integral part of child raising.




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